Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Dinner at the Tobler's-A Birthday Fiesta!

It was our night to cook and we made the PW's White Chicken Enchiladas and Restaurant-Style Salsa, plus Donna McCabe's Creamy Corn Casserole, and Grandma Betty's Spanish Rice. It was yum, yum, yummy! When W and I cook for the big group, we tend to choose something simple. It stresses me out to cook for the big group, but I'm getting better at it. But we wanted to have a fun dinner for miss Ruby's birthday. (sorry, no proof, but happy birthday to the spunkiest two year old in our bunch!) And this was fun! It was a hit all around!

We learned a few important lessons.

1. The enchilada recipe doubled nicely. But it takes a long time to fry up 48 corn tortillas!

2. Choose a meal your hubby is excited about and he will help more! :)

3. When PW says, "you can always top it with more cheese", she means, "top it with more cheese if you want it to look like mine!" My enchiladas were lovely and tasty but could have used a crusty, gooey cheesy top. my cheese minimalist hubby disagrees.
4. Chopping your own canned green chiles is a waste of time. (i didn't, I knew better and bought pre-chopped, but they looked the same and tasted the same)

5. The salsa more than filled my Mom's big food processor.

6. When you fill up the food processor past the blade, it will leak through that big hole. It may look covered by the blade, but it's still there!

7. I have no business using a turkey baster! I was trying to transfer chicken broth and it kept shooting wildly through the kitchen, mostly in hubby's frying oil. bad, bad, bad, bad situation!!!

8. Don't tell my mother, but I liked my (excuse me, PW's) salsa better. We used one can of regular rotel and one can of hot and it had a nice kick!

9. Donna's corn is the bomb!
3 cans white shoepeg corn, drained
1 stick butter
2 cans chopped green chiles
1 package cream cheese, softened
Mix it all up and back at 375 for 30 minutes. yum, yum, yummo!

10. Grandma Betty's spanish rice is the best! Are you ready for this recipe? You must follow it exactly!

Brown ground beef and season with salt and pepper. Add green pepper and onion and saute until softened. Add canned chopped tomatoes and canned tomato sauce, rice and 1-2 tsp. chili powder, salt, and sugar. Got that?


Spencer Family said...

Yum! I wish I was a part of your family and could be there for that wonderful feast. That corn sounds SO GOOD. I'll definitely be making that this week!

jenny said...

How did you know? I was just looking for a new enchalada recipe this morning! Thanks, it looks delish!

Grace said...

I think you should put recipes up like this a lot! I'm liking having more!!

Grandma Jan said...

Looks like the dinner turned out great.

Marla said...

YUm! this is like torture!!! the food looks so fabulous!