Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last week, I discovered M coloring her arm red with markers. I counted to five and told her it was very creative but that it wouldn't wash off very well and that she needed to be careful and only draw on paper. She said she was Mulan and she was writing on her arm like her.

Apparently this time she wanted to be a smurf?????
Seriously, she even colored her nostrils and tongue!! I can see her thinking, "cool, this fits right in my nose!"
I didn't freak out, which I am not so secretly proud of, as my temper has been quite short-fused with her lately! I lifted her up in front of the mirror and she was horrified enough at how it looked to punish herself!
Luckily, 1) it washed out of her shirt
2) as my Dad puts it, you grow new lips really fast-it's almost gone already and this happened yesterday
3) she hasn't colored on the carpet or furniture...recently
And this is my other child, this morning, demonstrating the true art of "when sister is bad, I will act even better!"

ps-Heather! See, my children do wear bibs! :)


Heather said...

And what a beautiful sunflower bib it is!!!

As far as your smurfette goes, she's gorgeous, especially the nostrils. Too funny! My G recently just wrote his sisters name on my wall so I'm starting to wonder at what age, kids aren't supposed to do these types of things anymore, any ideas??

Grandma Jan said...

M is smiling and I'm glad it's wearing off. L is as happy as ever.
They are both adorable even when one decides to make a temporary face change.

Gordon said...

Dear Liz, When your Mom was that age she stuck a bean up her nose. After several days there was a terrible smell about her. No dirty panties, clean hair and body, but a TERRIBLE smell. Grandma and Grandpa Manwaring finally zeroed in on the cause. The bean had deteriorated (and sprouted I think?)---Yuck! Did they have to take her to the Dr. to remove it? Hmmm . . .Emolyn

Mardie said...

LOL! I think they did have to take me to the Dr. He reached in with some tweezers and only the skin came out. It is a good thing I can't remember it. It sounds like a horrible experience!
The problem with noses is that Heavenly Father made them so that fingers and other small things fit in perfectly!
It couldn't have sprouted, could it? It is too gross to think about!
But there is that famous song, "My mother told me I put beans up my nose, beans up my nose..."