Saturday, March 6, 2010

lulu's words

I'm adding a new sidebar. I want to track Lu's vocabulary. I know it's growing, but I want to record it.

New words this week:
go go go go go

I have been a bit concerned because so many of her words sound the same. M was such a precocious talker that my "normal" talker has had us worried. Her main vowel has been /a/ or "ahhh" for a while now. book, ball, baby have all sounded the same. So I was thrilled to have go and uh-oh be new words with big round /o/ sounds this week!


Grandma Jan said...

She is really becoming the talker. L has always had lots to say and lots of smiles. The growing vocabulary is great! Can't wait to hear all the words she is saying in person.

Travis Wilson said...

Leoni has started "talking," but of course I think it's really just babbling. She hasn't really shown any attachment to meaning, but still smile when she says dadadadadadadada.