Thursday, March 11, 2010

the real reason for the ants... to inspire more heavy duty spring cleaning than usual!

i had no idea that killing ants with 409 would be so effective....

or bring me so much joy!!!

the apartment guys are coming to spray tomorrow. i couldn't wait that long. i bought poison and have been downright neurotic about keeping the kitchen clean ever since it got warm to keep the ants out. to no avail.

then tonight, i went a little overboard cleaning after dinner. i "409'ed" EVERYthing!! the counters, appliances, floors, cupboards, you name it.

and enjoyed watching each and every ant squirm as they died.

and for the next five minutes, there will be no ants in my kitchen!!!!! VICTORY!!!!!

still love me? :)


Travis Wilson said...

Is 409 code for magnifying glass?

Liz&Meg said...

kitchen cleaner!

Amy said...

I'm totally laughing! I did the EXACT same thing but with Lysol Kitchen cleaner. Tonight...INSIDE the cupboards and pantry.