Friday, March 26, 2010


Every once in a while I get political. Mostly not. Definitely mostly not on the blog.

In fact, I criticized a politician once here on the blog and later voted for him. So, an opinion stated here is just that. An opinion that can change.

But I'd rather write it here than as a Facebook status. :)

Here are some things I know.

I do not understand the new healthcare legislation. I'm looking forward the President's PR campaign to help us understand it better. I also wish that the PR campaign had come BEFORE the vote.

HOWEVER, I am jumping up and down that I will now be able to get health insurance!!!!

(here's the boring stuff you can skip if you want)
I have been on both sides of the fence, and have seen both sides of being insured. I grew up very well insured, not even knowing what a copay was. I worked in health care in Minnesota and was always disappointed that my uninsured kiddos who needed speech just as much as my insured kiddos would be charged MORE for my services. It was an upside-down, backward policy!

My first pregnancy with M was very expensive, with lots of excellent but probably excessive pre-natal care. She cost me a whopping $20 out of my pocket. Our insurance has since continually deteriorated. We're STILL paying for Lulu to be born! And now that my husband is a temp, I'm self-employed, and my husband is in school, we have crappy insurance. We pay premiums we cannot afford for marginal coverage.

So, while I may not understand all the costs and consequences, for now I will continue to jump up and down!

My three year old nephew can now get health insurance. He has always been denied as well. And so I am jumping up and down that he and I won't be denied anymore!!!!!!!


Katie said...

why can't j get insured?

Julie said...

THANK YOU for this post. I have been getting so frustrated seeing the endless comments on Facebook. My life mirrors yours on this insurance thing...we're in the same boat.

It is so refreshing to hear this point of view...finally!!

And, I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to talk to you more on Sunday. It was so great seeing you in the ward!

Emily Larkin said...

Thank you! I totally agree with you. I am so sick of facebook politics, mostly because everyone assumes that you agree with them. I don't think this bill is perfect, far from it, but I like the idea of change. I have hope, maybe that makes me nieve, maybe not. Oh yeah, I also filled out my entire census form! Take that Facebook fanatics!

Liz&Meg said...

phew! i was nervous posting thinking I'd get slaughtered with comments! :) thanks for the support guys!

julie, i wish we had visited more too! i would love to hear about your Europe adventure and your little girl is sooooo cute!!

kjo, he has asthma. his parents have full time jobs with the government and they have still had to fight to get him insured! it's just sad

kristin said...

right on, liz!

Grandma Jan said...

I am with you. Need more research - there is definitely some good things in the health plan. It will take some time to work things out and I for one need to know more too.

Thanks so much for sharing how a lot of us are feeling.

Heather said...

I guess I'll put my two cents in since you stirred up a topic of much debate. It's not the forefront of Obama's plan that has me angry it's the little things that no one is mentioning. As a mom to a special needs child I know the importance of early intervention. In Obama's health plan, he plans on halting funds for the critical early intervention programs. All those parents and parents to be who will be seeking treatments will not be able to get it unless paying in full out of their own pocket (you know how much therapy sessions are!!). This means that right now, $1 is going towards early intervention programs but on Obama's plan our taxes are going to skyrocket which means that $1 will turn to $7 and the cost is so unbearable that health care will again be un-affordable under his plan. The problem lies with our government being too big and the american people sitting back and letting them get that way.