Friday, November 5, 2010

4 going on 24

M: will my grandpas come back from heaven and see me?

me: no, but when you grow up and get old and die and go to heaven, they will be there waiting for you.

M: oh! now?

me: now, you want to live a long time and get married and have kids and be a grandma, right?

M: I want to grow up and be a mommy and have babies first!
But how am I going to know what husband to pick?

me: you'll know. you'll grow up and meet someone who always makes you smile like Gracie does with Jason. And you know what? when I look at your daddy's eyes, it makes me smile.

M: (giggling) I want to marry my daddy when I grow up! He makes me smile!

me: you'll grow up and you'll meet your own husband to make you smile.

M: I want to meet a husband right now!

me: you have to go to school and get big first.

M: ok

she really is my mini-me :)

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rkchughes said...

I think your daughter and mine should get together.