Monday, November 1, 2010

How to throw a Halloween Party!

Step one: Get a creative sister-in-law to come up with fun ideas and keep you organized!! Thanks, T!

Then do the following:

1. Cover everything in webs
2. Make a super cute banner. Thank you, Blue Cricket Design!
3. Throw it at a house (thank you, grandma!) that already has wonderful holiday decor!
4. Make tons of yummy food with fabulous names-like mummy pups!
5. Add lots of candles
6. Line the steps with luminaries and black candles! And yes, more webs!
7. Throw in a cute baby with a lovely long fox tail! Always a party must!
8. Make more yummy food with fabulous names!
9. More candles, more webs, more yummy food!
10. Add candy

12. And yes, carve a pumpkin to look like it's throwing up veggie dip-the crowd loves it!
13. Arsenic (Diet Coke), True Blood (Coke Classic), Goblin Juice (Sprite), and ButterBeer to wet their whistle
14. Add more cute foxes!
15. And kitty cats!
16. Eat donuts off a string
17. Powdered ones for messy faces!
18. Decorate cookies and use LOTS of sprinkles (right, Hallie?) :)
19. Decorate aliens and make spiders
20. Eat frosty, sprinkly cookies!
21. Color haunted pictures. Invite fun friends!
Stir all, add music and trick-or-treating in the backyard, and ENJOY!!!!

With Halloween on a Sunday, we wanted to throw a party for the kids to enjoy Halloween on Saturday! So we did!!


Clarinda said...

Looks like such an awesome party! Fantastic decorations and yummy food.

Grandma Jan said...

Way cool. Awesome party.

Amy said...

Thank you, Thank you! We all had a great time. And thanks to Grandma Mardie for providing a space large enough for everyone.

Grace said...

looks like tons of fun!!! Very adorable! Wish I could have gone! I had a hard time not laughing out loud from the pumpkin puking veggie dip. really funny. :)

Emily said...

What a great idea, everything turned out beautifully! Love it and wish we lived near you (for so many wonderful reasons, your Halloween spirit being one of the smaller but still fabulous ones). :)

sarah said...

Oh wow! I think this is one of the most creative things I've ever seen - this looks fabulous!