Monday, November 29, 2010

My Decorating Style

Am I the only one who woke up one day and realized that I had no personal decorating style???
That the only room that looks like ME is my cherry kitchen?
That when I registered as a twitterpated engaged girl that I was clueless?
That the lovely green towels for my bathroom would soon turn into a drab grey?
Or that all the sentimental hand-me-down decorations would always make me smile, but wouldn't exactly make my heart sing?
I hope I'm not the only one.

I think I'm finally starting to find my groove though.

I like BRIGHT! (sorry hubby)

We made vinyl blocks at church a few weeks ago and I went BRIGHT and I LOVE it!
The backside of the blocks has a year-round message.
I discovered what I wanted for my living room three years ago at an Ikea in Utah.
It came to me in the form of a pillow embroidered in rich reds and blues.
(ignore my 80's floral couch that will one day finally leave!!!)
So, I wanted the same rich red and blue for these blocks.
One day, the drab towels will be gone.
The couch will finally die!!!
And I will slowly continue to find what I like.

I got out my Christmas decorations tonight. They all made me smile. And some of them will only grace us with their presence one more year.

Until I can scour the after-Christmas sales!!! :)


Emily said...

I think my decorating style is constantly evolving, but I have a general look - khaki and black and white with green accents (you're shocked, I know). I love your blocks and am excited for you to get the Christmas decor and sofa of your dreams. I'm excited about Christmas decor this year for the first time ever - usually I try to keep things really low-key, but I want glitz!

Grandma Jan said...

The tiles are beautiful. How about tiles that say F A M I L Y with photos? That would be my style but I love the ones you made.

The Montaño’s said...

Look at you miss Crafty!! Love those blocks! And yes, I'm finally, FINALLY discovering that I actually do have a style.. now to just being able to afford it!!

mardie said...

Uh, oh... are all of the "hand-me-downs" from me?