Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are hard for me.
There is usually a point where I break down and get upset that I have to get four people ready while everyone else gets help!

and then we leave the apartment for church.
I finished the girls' skirts this weekend. With that yummy corduroy fabric from Sandi Henderson's line. I added a tulle trim to M's skirt and then decided it wasn't worth the work on Lulu's. Hopefully she won't notice.
The beautiful fall morning inspired dancing, jumping, and "surfing".

I even attached clips to the flowers I made FINALLY! So they had new clothes and hair! Fun!

Love these girls! Even on crazy Sunday mornings!
and even when they are DONE with picture time! :)


Lindsay said...

I LOVE those skirts! you did a great job with them. Did you make the flower clips as well? I would love a tutorial on them if you did, since I think I could take on them easier than the skirts. :) You are so talented!

Katie said...

Cute skirts and tights! Love the pic. of you are your girls!

Grace said...

very yummy skirts! and cute bows! and adorable pictures!! You're awesome!

rkchughes said...

My goodness Liz, your girls are just the sweetest!! I loves the skirts too!!

Grandma Jan said...

Beautiful photos. The weather looks great. We have had wonderful Fall weather here too but don't expect it to last much longer. I admire your sewing and craft skills! Great job on the outfits.