Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I got shoved out the door to go vote in the rain tonight.
I didn't want to. There, I said it.

I left my big girl throwing up. You know your husband feels strongly about your civic duty when he'll even take care of vomiting kids so you can vote!

Voting was a breeze.

As I was waiting in line, I watched a dad who braved the rain with two small kids. He helped them feed his ballot into the machine. The lady gave all three of them "I voted" stickers. Those kids learned about voting today. I love it.

Next year, I hope to vote with a better attitude. And I might even take my kids so they can get stickers too.


Amy said...

I'm glad you got out. I've been waiting for Aaron to get home early enough so I could do early voting without kids. That didn't happen. So I dragged all 4 of them at 7:15 tonight. It's done. I voted.

Emily said...

B took the route of becoming a permanent mail-in voter this year. I kept making grand, sweeping proclamations (who me? never!) about how it's the voting experience that matters just as much as the vote you cast, blah blah blah. And this mornign at 7am? I totally wished I'd gone the mail-in vote. But this post is so good - the experience DOES matter! Good for you.

Grandma Jan said...

I voted today!