Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7, Part 1!!!!!!

I went to another midnight showing!!
After a fun, crafty Enrichment (I'll show you soon the cute thing I made! :), Moonpie, Jennifer and I had a tasty Greek dinner and went to the theater!!

It was a great movie! I was disappointed in one scene, but I was pleased with how well it followed the story overall! It is not for kids. But for me, it was awesome! (And I can't wait to see it again, Grace and W!)
Moonpie and I are having fun with our new friend!
We were in the Platform 9 3/4 theater, across the hall from the Hogwarts Express theater. Love that they have fun with it!


Heather said...

I heard there was a sexual scene in it between Potter and the girl (Sorry, I don't follow along enought to know names), is that true?

Liz said...

that was the "disappointing" scene. it is in the book-it is a part where an evil magical object is showing Ron what he fears most (for Harry and Hermione to get together) but it was much more provocative and sexual than I had imagined in the book or thought was necessary in the movie! It was very very clear what they were trying to portray and I was very disappointed that with a series that is so clearly aimed toward kids and teens, that they would portray it this way!

Heather said...

Was it really that bad? It is weird to even write that into a story line that is geared towards kids. These books are all about your wild imagination but adding that into a book isn't healthy for kids. I'd be curious to know why J.K. even chose to play with that scenario knowing who her audience is.

Grandma Jan said...

What fun! Glad you enjoyed the movie.