Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is a story from the bathroom.
This picture hangs in my bathroom. It has for several years now. It used to be in my bedroom as a teenager.
Lu walked in one day when I was taking care of business.
She looked up and said,
"that Lucy"
"Yeah, that Lucy, yeah"
Now, squint your eyes, and yes, you'll see it too!
That Lucy!


Amy said...

How funny! Halle looked at the picture before I scrolled down to the real Lucy, and said "that my cousin Lucy". She see's it, and you realize they are cousins now because your mom is her grandma now.

Katie said...

I used to have that same picture and many of those little kid pictures in my room growing up too. I agree it does look like Lucy!

Grandma Jan said...

You never know where Lucy will show up next. I love the little kid pictures. And L is always so adorable.

Grace said...

hahahaha and the best part is... Lucy would probably beat up the girl because she wanted a kiss like the girl in the picture... :)

hilary said...

That story is hilariously cute! And yeah, that totally Lucy!