Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Trunk-or-Treat

It was our ward trunk-or-treat this past week and the girls' Halloween debut!

Here we have an impatient Princess Tiana! (she has a soup pot and a frog that helped people figure out who she was!)

I got brave and laid out a t-shirt of M's and made my own pattern! I knew I could make an easy skirt and used an old pattern for the sleeves. I used the cheap broadcloth for the green and paid $4 for the pretty crinkly "lily pad petals" for the sleeves and trim.
And here she is with my cute kitty cat!!! She got such a kick out of using her ears and tail!!
These are some friends of ours who borrowed some stuff from my mom's costume stash and they were so cute, they deserved to "make the blog"!
Enjoying gathering their loot!

Their cousins were the Fantastic Mr. Fox family. I haven't seen the movie, but they have really cool ears! :)


Grandma Jan said...

M and L are adorable. The princess dress turned out great. I like the Fox family too. Great ideas.

Grace said...

cute cute!! the girls look beautiful! and I'm glad she liked being a kitty. she's pretty much adorable. ;)