Friday, October 22, 2010

Ghosts and Witches all say BOO!!!

That's the last line of one of my favorite Halloween songs as a kid. I sang it to the girls the other day and they didn't remember from last year but thought it was hilarious. thank you, mom!

Halloween! Halloween!
Lots of fun on Halloween!
Black cats and ghosts
Skeletons too
Ghosts and witches all say

Speaking of Mom, she has assorted table cloths and runners for each holiday. Seriously.
I make skirts.
I have wanted Halloween skirts for a few years and finally did it this year!
I adore them! Almost as much as the girls wearing them!
I had M's ready for school on Thursday but hadn't done Lulu's yet but she was not going to miss the photo op!
Everyone at school loved it-especially the owl print!
So, during naptime, I made Lulu's.
She was too drowsy to be excited in the picture, but believe me, she did not want to take it off for bed!!


Lindsay said...

Those are gorgeous! You did a great job on the skirts. I so wish I could be that talented. Your girls are adorable!

Grandma Jan said...

You are so creative. I love the skirts. And you're right, they are almost as adorable as the little ones wearing them. Can't wait to see the Thanksgiving skirts!

Grace said...

cute cute cute!!!
I thought the words were "Clowns and witches all say boo"
was it really ghosts all along??? my world might have just turned upside down. it might not have...
I got the most adorable halloween book that was illustrated by Brandon Dorman (the guy who illustrated fablehaven) and I think you and mom will love it.