Monday, October 4, 2010

Arkansas Park Season

It's park season here!
It's finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors a bit more! Don't get me wrong-we enjoy the outdoors in the summer-IF there's a pool nearby!!!
The girls are now begging to go to our playground every time we come home. We have had some lovely afternoons playing, waiting for Daddy to come home.
And we've officially had our first creepy park experience! Boo for creepy older girls who are too old to really be on said playground and have no social boundaries.
Miss M is getting so much more daring and climbing the rails and walls so bravely! (yes, this is a big accomplishment!)

But they LOOOOOOVE it!
And I love that they're getting their wiggles out!
Do you see these shoes? These are "parky shooz". Lu is absolutely in LOVE with them. She wants to get dressed immediately every morning now and she insists on wearing her sparkly shoes and having piggie tails. Every morning.

I couldn't be prouder! :)


Allyson said...

How adorable are the shoes and pigtails! Isn't it lovely when the heat decides to give up its ghost, if only for a little while? (:

Grace said...

cute cute cute!! I love the pictures! and I totally understand wanting to play outside now!! I want to go crunch those crispy leaves, but who has time for that?? :)
cute post

Grandma Jan said...

Adorable play ground photos. The girls are so cute, cute, cute. Wish I could come play too! I see Lu still has the sunglasses.