Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rookie Thanksgiving: Playing catch-up

October has been crazy! I fully intended to participate with my cousin's Rookie Thanksgiving and tackle a new food each week. And then October happened! And it's been crazy!
Did I say that already?

Sooooo...when it was my turn to cook at the Tobler's, I chose one of the assignments to tackle!

Let me preface this with, I cannot make rolls.
I have tried.
They scare me.
I make tough rocks or biscuits instead.
I have yeast issues. I cannot activate yeast for cooking. At all!

But we had a church activity where we talked about baking bread and I went home inspired to try a new method with a classic family recipe.

This morning, I decided to tackle Grandma's Potato Rolls.
It is a tricky dough but oh, so delightful, when done properly!

It rose!!! It worked! (after only throwing away one batch)
In the meantime, we also make twice-baked potatoes. Maria Mae requested them for her birthday.
Then we set the rolls to rise.

I had the assistance of two lovely helpers!!

And then we baked them and they were delightfully yummy!!! I did it!!!!!


Grandma Jan said...

Delightful:) Great helpers and a great dinner I am sure.

Katie said...

I wish bread wasn't sooo hard to make. I fail everytime too! Those look delicious...good job :)

Grace said...

yay!!! Congrats!! :)

Amy said...

Wahoo!!! you did it!

MV said...


Emily said...

Those look sooo good! Congrats to you for a roll success!