Saturday, October 9, 2010

Right now I love...

sleeping with my windows open! nothing better in the fall!

my new, lovely, CLEARANCE Target flats! They are comfy, have a lovely rounded toe that is soooo me, and go with everything!

the new Tinker Bell movie! Lu is always begging for "Tinka Beo Fey Wescue" with her cute head cocked to the side and squinty eyes. I loooooove it more than the movie!

that I can use my oven without sweltering the in the kitchen! I may even bake soon! :)

the Meadowsweet fabric line from Sandi Henderson (pic courtesy of her). I just found out she goes to the same church as I do! neato, huh!

my brother got me hooked on Mindy Gledhill (he knew her from his mission to Spain) and I have loved everything I've listened!!

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Becca said...

laura gunn, heather bailey and joel dewberry are all lds AND fabric designers, too. in fact, laura gunn is heather bailey's sister-in-law. small world-- at least the fabric world. :)