Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Year

A year ago, we were preparing for a trip to Colorado to remember Grandpa Bob after his passing. I asked W to list some of his treasured memories.

pipe tobacco
his love of travel
he loved to take pictures from his journalism background (wonder where his daughter got it from????)
walks with the dogs
baseball games
streetcar rides
meeting him at the riverboat
visiting Minnesota in the fall for the changing colors
Disneyland trip
drinking cold drinks on his back porch
rice krispies
pancake breakfasts, of course!
Pearson's Restaurant and wild rice casserole
White Fence Farm
the train set in the basement
cards and checks for birthdays and holidays, all neatly typed on his typewriter
talking sports
playing football in the front yard
golf shirts and white athletic socks
"sending sports clippings to me while I was on my mission to Venezuela"
American-made cars
baseball caps
books and newspapers

What I would add? Nothing. I'm thankful that he got to meet our two girls. I'm thankful that he and Ruth loved them immediately and wholly. I'm thankful for my first trip to Colorado and the not-so-subtle comments from Grandpa Bob and W's aunts to W (right in front of me) that he should keep me around, and that they came all the way to Minnesota in the winter to show us they meant it! I'm thankful to know the things that were important to him in his family that we try to continue in our family.
September 2008
Grandpa Bob's four great grand-daughters playing at the luncheon after his memorial service, October 2009


Grandma Jan said...

Wonderful memories. I love that you took the time to remind us. He holds a special place in my heart too.

Emily said...

Such a beautiful tribute! And it's true - you waltzed into Colorado and we all knew W had found the perfect girl. We loved you instantly and (if possible) more everyday!

Emily said...

I was just searching your blog to see if you'd ever posted a chicken and wild rice casserole recipe because we're heading to the cabin today and I was feeling nostalgic for some GBob style food and lake time, and found this post again. Miss him so much - and love you so much! Thank you for this post so that I can swing by on a random Thursday morning and reminisce.