Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's General Conference!!!! Now it's REALLY Fall!

there is not much that signals that Fall is here better than General Conference.
it is one of those things that recalls memories of sight, smell, and sound all at once!

cinnamon rolls in Joe's basement.
Zach's cream cheese scrambled eggs at Matt's apartment in Logan (Christa? remember?)
crunchy leaves walking down West Temple waiting in line to go in.
buying the all-time greatest black heels at Marshall's in Crystal in between sessions
Schlotszky's for lunch in between sessions on Saturday
raking leaves while it blared on Dad's radio
watching for Uncle Karl in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir knowing so many of our family were doing the exact same thing at that exact same moment!

General Conference is when we gather to hear the prophet speak.
we listen, learn, and ponder what we need to be doing better.
we feel the Spirit and we leave stronger than when we came.
General Conference is beautiful music, inspired words, and knowing that Heavenly Father truly knows exactly what I needed to hear!
i am so excited!
we are so blessed to have this!

I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a speech therapist.
I am a crafter and a blogger.
I am a Mormon.


Sumpy Gump said...

Yes! I love General Conference too. I am watching it right now.

Grace said...

That's a great post, siz. I like it. I agree. It's got tons of great memories and will continue to do so in the future!

The Montaño’s said...

I have not thought of cream cheese scrambled eggs in a LONG time! Were they good? The don't really sound good. At least not compared to cinnamon rolls!! YUM! U've got my mouth watering and I LOVE FALL as well! And is it so bad I love the fact I don't have to wrestle a two year old for 3 hours at church? It's a bit of heaven!

Liz said...

they were DIFFERENT! :)
Our ward watches conference at the church-so we got to wrestle them EXTRA this weekend! :) But we take them home to nap the second session and watch on the internet.