Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sick sick sick

I had a bunch of posts scheduled for this week.

...but that would imply that life is moving along smoothly here.

Instead, i'm in bed for the third day in a row with aches, pains and other things that I will leave to the imagination.

I'm sooooo sick of this! However, I do think it's actually a bit of well-earned karma for W to have to take over being both mom and dad for a few days but he's not coping well.

So, stay tuned. I WILL make rolls and pumpkin butter! I WILL vacuum my house!

...just not today!

However, because every post is better with a picture, here is a flashback from a year ago. Can you believe how little hair Lu has???


Grandma Jan said...

Lu certainly has more hair now.

Hope you feel better soon.

Grace said...

Those girls are so cute!! I want to take them into my arms and never let go!!!!!!!

Tati said...

So sorry you are feeling bad. Moms being sick are the worst! Your kids are cute, a year ago and now :)