Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our State Fair...

isn't quite as good as Minnesota's Great-Get-Together.
but it's still a great state fair!
And on Friday morning, it was free to get in and ride the kid rides!!!
With all seven of us, we saved over $200 with free admission and free rides!!!! AWESOME!
Sam and I loaded up my two girls, Jake's three boys, and headed out!
We met up with Joe and Teriney and their gang and saw school and church friends there as well.

They did such a good job when I told them to look at me for a picture! ;)
Lulu was TOTALLY into the rides and had so much fun!
and yes, I rode two rides with her. I liked the wiggly worm much better than the helicopter ride!
Can you spot Ru?
And Joe and Hazy?
Sam got to ride a big-kid ride with the boys and they chose the swings. They said it was awesome!!! Can you spot all three?

We ate yummy fried food, rode free rides, and even saw a zebra and a camel! Totally worth it!


Barb said...

That does look like a fun day!

Grandma Jan said...

Looks like you had lots of fun.

Grace said...

how fun! and AWESOME!! The pictures are adorable! :)
I love Lu's expression on the car ride!!!