Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday Night Pasta for TGIF

I made this tonight.

It was light, filling, scrumptious and lovely as ever.

In my humble opinion, she was right on about the amount of bacon. I fried up the whole package before realizing it was twice what she called for. I didn't put it all in the pasta, but it was still plenty bacony. And I looooove bacon!

However, I also think you could have put in a bunch more mushrooms! I love mushrooms too, and had a 16 oz. package and should have thrown in the whole package!

It does call for cream and half and half but only 1 1/4 cups and throwing that on a whole pound of pasta, it doesn't seem like that much. Just enough.

All I was missing was crusty bread and a caesar salad! (we were in a rush tonight, but hey I cooked...and after this week I had!)

I love the Pioneer Woman.

I love her bacon-wrapped jalepeno thingies.

I love her cajun chicken pasta.

I love love love her olive cheese bread!

Try it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This week...

I quit one of my jobs. It's really for the best but it's a leap of faith that everything will work out.

My daughter had a knock-down-drag-out tantrum after a long day at work. The kind that make me think the neighbors are going to report me as M is kicking the wall and using her best demon scream.

My cold turned into a sinus infection and my voice was gone before this cold even started!

At story time, M had a repeat of her demon library story time. Over a crayon and a cookie.

During her "nap" that afternoon, M spent her time coloring my bedsheets with berry blue chapstick.

I took both girls to the doctor for well checks. Our sweet resident was out with a family emergency. Her seemingly nice counterpart who does not know my children from Adam basically implied that we were ignoring several matters...and two and a half hours later I was allowed to leave with two sobbing girls, suffering the aftershocks of immunizations.

Can this week end now????

Anne with an E

I grew up on Anne of Green Gables.

My Mother introduced them to me and I loved each and every volume of L. M. Montgomery's world. I wanted to live there. I wanted to be Anne. Actually, I wanted to be Diana, because I have dark brown hair. But I wanted to be Anne's kindred spirit! I loved that Anne grew up, married her one true love and raised a posse of children and stayed true to herself all at the same time!

I loved the movies, and it was then that I wanted to be Anne. Because Gilbert Blythe, her one true love, was wonderfully handsome. I loved having Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea marathons with my college room mates.

When I heard about "The Continuing Story", I was forewarned that it was different. That they had messed with the lovely world and plot that Montgomery had created. I decided it was okay because Megan Follows is still always Anne to me.

But, I just discovered "A New Beginning" at the library this week. I'm not sure what to think. Except that I liked it better when Anne was orphaned at birth than her father was a drunk who caused the accident that killed her mother. That Marilla actually knew that Anne's father was alive and "protected" her from him by not telling Anne about him. I liked her simple, but still tragic, upbringing that inspired her dramatic countenance.

The young Anne is charming, and even though her hair is too straight, she has that overly dramatic whimsical character true to Megan Follows. But Anne does NOT grow up to be Barbara Hershey! And so I'm not sure if this will go on my growing list of unfinished books and movies or if I will change my tune when it's done!

And, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, go check out the book. You won't regret it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reading Rut

Remember when I was reading a book a week?
I do.
I'm apparently at the sewing part of my hobby cycle.
I reserved all these wonderful books, highly recommended from fellow readers, and I can't get into a single one. And I haven't even tried with two!

I am in a fluff phase. I need a fluffy book that doesn't make me think. Until then, I will keep sewing. And try to remember these lovely gems so I can read them later...when I'm back to my mature reading mode!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Cousin Em pointed out how thrilled hubby seemed to be making tiaras. you think?

A Royal Smash!

Saturday we had our birthday: part deux. I'm happy to report that it was a vomit-free day!
We gathered for a Princess Ball!

Have you ever tried to gather eight three and four year olds for a picture? Have you ever tried to get them to smile at the same time? :)

the group, minus Jonas' top half!
six out of eight, kind of looking! my favorite is Snow White! :)
five kind of looking, one hiding!
three looking, we're not improving here!
so... in lieu of showing the cutest one of my daughter (let me remind you, she was the one who was NEVER looking!) I shared them all because they all make me laugh!
There was a royal ball with ribbon wands and dancing with the seven princesses and one prince! (lucky Jonas!!)
Tiara decorating (note to self: foam stickers, yes! glitter glue, no!)
We also made bracelets, went on a Princess hunt (to gather all the princesses for the ball) and danced and ate cake!
These were some resilient candles! I think she had to blow them out one at a time.
All of the princesses had a wonderful time! Thanks to all of M's friends and especially Teriney and Maria Mae for helping me with crowd control!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i'll admit it...

I love starry skies.

I love singing.

I love clean sheets.

I love lemon bars.

I love ceiling fans.

I love peanut butter m & m's.

I love the amazing power of Lysol cleanup wipes.

I love cheesecake. Real cheesecake.

I love Disney movies.

I love wet sand.

I love white t-shirts.

I love hoodies.

I love stuffed teddy bears.

I love the library.

I love sharpies.

I love music.

I love new bobbins of thread.

I love little pink and orange and yellow roses.

I love squinty baby eyes when they smile.

I love my bed.

I love "Ever After".

I love smelly lotion.

I love bags.

I love stationery.

I love "Pride and Prejudice".

I love looking at people's pictures.

I love quilts.

I love books.

I love to look for books.

I love to read books.

I love "Friends".

I love when Joey tries to speak French.

I love when Rachel makes the shepherd's pie trifle.

I love my husband's lips.

I love when he laughs so hard he can't breathe.

I love my baby's jibber jabber.

I love that she's saying more and more words.

I love that my big girl makes up words. "It means that to me!"

I love shoes.

I love baby bed head.

I love stickers.

I love fresh raspberries.

I love fabric.

I love sewing new things.

I love magazines.

I love seashells.

I love Diet Cherry Coke.

I love Sonic's crunchy ice.

I love exclamation points!!!!

I love grape chapstick.

I love the new sparkly chapstick almost as much.

I love dangly earrings.

I love the idea of necklaces.

I love new clean binders and folders.

I love crayons and markers.

I love my old Bernina Record.

I love my new Brother 1034 D.

I love the temple.

I love the silence in the temple.

I love homemade bread.

I love butter on bread.

I love hand sanitizer.

I love small metal boxes.

I love Mary Engelbreit.

I love my family.

I love finding old friends on Facebook.

I love fresh crab.

I love hospital sponges.

I love Kit Kats.

I love my ipod.

I love the smell of rain.

I love my girls.

I love my husband.

I love his blind and absolute adoration of me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver, anyone??

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! It's true. I do. This is the first Olympics where I haven't had a baby since 2006 though! (just a fun trivia bit for you!)

I love the winter Olympics especially. I'm a figure skating junkie. Even more than I'm a gymnastics junkie in the summer games.

I admire the athletes. I admire the Georgian athletes and the trials they've overcome already with their teammate's death. I admire the athletes' skill and talent and how they represent their countries... but I still think Shaun White should cut his hair! :)
I thought the opening ceremonies were wonderful. I'm such a sap. I can get teary just at the Olympic music! Yes, Beijing's opening ceremonies were outstanding but you have admit, last night's show was fun too!
But I didn't want to hop a plane to Beijing when they were over. I was just fine enjoying it on my TV.

Vancouver? Not so! It's breathtaking!
The water, metropolis, mountains, everything were so amazing to me! I bet their tourism spikes over the next year after this!

Sign me up!

Friday, February 12, 2010

cute butts

I love this picture. I love when my girls get along. I love that my girls lay out on their tummies to color. I love that coloring takes concentration. I love my girls' butts. I love that my older girl still refers to it as a bum when her crass mother calls it a butt. I love this picture.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow and such

This is what the big deal is about here. It seems to be wreaking havoc all over the country.
It doesn't snow like this in Arkansas very much. It's beautiful. I am ready for it to be gone!!!
LG is not much of a fan of snow. She is, however, a fan of yogurt. Especially when used as a hair pomade!
M is definitely a fan. Ice angels are fun!
The snow gives her zombie eyes. Or it could be my hubby's snazzy alma mater hat! You should see my Utah State hat! yes, we're dorks!
Just because you're going out in the snow does not mean that you can't wear a skirt. As long as it's over two pairs of pants. Then you're good!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My cousin Katie told me about this movie a year ago.
My husband wasn't interested. The pig snout turned him off.

So, my solution is to request it from the library and watch it on my own time.
It lived up to the raves. It's charming. It's quaint. It's sweet. I loved it. And now I have to convince W to see it!

still here.

I told my husband I needed a break. I needed time to catch up on housework and laundry and dishes and housework and organizing and housework.

So, we got stuck inside for four days with another snow/ice storm.

It should have worked except I've spent three of the days sick. Thank you, sweet daughter of mine!

Hopefully this is the last of it, and hopefully be back on my feet tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Love

Remember my goals last month?

Here's my report!

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!
Can I cross this out if I can count the days I missed on one hand? We house-sat at my parents for a few days that threw me off track but otherwise, so far so good!

2. Make my bed a sacred place.
Well, my daughter's asleep on it right now but naps are sacred too! We did much better making the bed!

3. Re-organize the kids' room and my crafts.
The clothes have been organized, the toys are put away so much easier, there's more room, success!!!
The craft table is cleared off and today I'm moving the serger into its new home!

4. Make something new with my brand-spankin-new serger!!!!!!!!!
Close. I have a half-made skirt. It was derailed by the vomit. It will be done this week! :)

5. Cook more than we have been.
We have definitely improved in this area.

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!
2. Cover the couch. It's a comfy couch but I would like the tapestry flowers to go away!
3. Make another something new.
4. Cook a new recipe.
5. Start Lucy's scrapbook!

Monday, February 1, 2010

four years ago...

i was desperate to not be pregnant anymore!
41 weeks is just too long...
i was supposed to be induced on Friday, the 3rd.
then they called and offered to induce me early.
heck, yes!
i was induced on wednesday but they lost my orders so it was a long day before anything really happened.
when it finally happened, i thought it was the easiest labor ever! (only because i hadn't had LG yet!)
and i had a perfect, brown-haired, brown-eyed baby, with perfect round cheeks and a perfect cupid's bow.
and i loved her instantly!

I Am a Child of God

I love this. Four kids who know.
And they're pretty cute too!