Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fancy Feet

What I learned in PreK this week? They celebrate Mardi Gras at school! Who knew! Only in the south, maybe? Who cares? She got a fun mask out of the deal!

Last week we learned that they also celebrate Dr. Seuss! All week! Friday was Fancy Feet day for the Foot Book. We thought and thought and finally decided to give her fancy Sunday shoes some fancy flower power! (and of course then she had to accessorize!)
The fashion show was so cute! The kids went all out strutting their stuff!
Lulu even strolled the red carpet!

This is the face of "mom, stop taking pictures!"
My little "Barbie-Fashion FairyTale" trained Diva!


Grace said...

I giggled so hard with Lu's walk down the carpet. How adorable! That would be a definite pull towards pre-k. You get to do red carpets and stuff! :)

Grace said...

p.s. The new background is really cute!!!