Monday, March 28, 2011

It was a Monday!

Both babysitters were sick! So it became "take Lulu to work day!"
Lu was a hit, marching into the daycare with her sunglasses and cowboy bag. My speech kiddos were enchanted, Lu was great and played with her toys and even watched a video with the daycare kids.

It was kind of like "one of these things is not like the others" watching her sit with all the cute little daycare kids-my blondie stuck out among all their black hair!!

Then we were off to the dentist! We have an AWESOME pediatric dentist! It's worth the 1/2 hour drive! Miss M got a sparkly dental bill of health!
and it was Lulu's first time for an exam and she did fabulous! She watched her video and was coaxed into a cleaning by our lovely hygienist!
And finally, we spent the afternoon in the leasing office getting a different apartment in the same complex where we are. It will give us a lot more space and get us away from our current neighbors, and hopefully the downstairs neighbors won't have as much trouble with noise IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!


Emily said...

This post is overflowing with a sense of contentment, and I love that! LOVE Lu and her sunglasses at the dentist. LOVE that you're getting away from your neighbors, staying in M's school zone, and getting more space. LOVE you. Please do pile the girls into the car and come visit - or maybe I'll pile Thomas in and come your way!

Grandma Jan said...

Great news. Love the sunglasses at the dentist. I'll have to try that next time. Good news on the apartment. Hope it works well for you.
Love to all - G Jan

Grace said...

This is awesome!!!
Lu is adorable, M is funny in her pic, and I'm so glad you figured out a good alternative to your crazy neighbors. Love you. Glad it was a good monday! :)