Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goal Setting: March

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERYday. Did this! I'm so thankful for the blessings that come from daily reading!
2. Pray EVERY morning. I should have qualified this one-I prayed twice a day each day. Sometimes, I was saying a prayer in my car on the way to work or even on the way home, but I remembered and so the habit is forming!!
3. Actually take my donations to Savers/GoodWill. My good husband W took these away last week!
4. Cook 3x/week but only eat out 1x/week. (leftovers and thank heavens for Tobler Sunday dinners!) did well with this until this last week after a long busy busy month and I was pooped!
5. Make the darn stockings! big FAT FAIL! it will continue to wait on the project waiting list! :)
6. Assemble pinwheel quilt-depending on when the last pieces arrive! assembled, half quilted-taking a breather after the traumatic tension problems with machine quilting earlier this month!
7. Smile more!
8. Actually do something with the filing box! :) Step one: purge unnecessary papers. Shred City here we come! W, take a deep breath!
9. Fix my bedskirt and brainstorm what I want my bed to really look like while I do it! Brainstorming for a goal is an easily accomplished goal but I am halfway to fixing the bedskirt! :)
10. Walk 3x/week at a good cardio pace.

hmmm...same as last month but i feel more accomplished.
I am so proud of my first two goals though. I needed these! I need the scriptures and dedicated prayer in my life! I sleep better, I function better and goal number 7 to smile more is much easier!!!!

On to March!
1. Continue to read my Book of Mormon EVERYday.
2. Pray twice a day.
3. Cook 3x/week. Make a menu plan for the month.
4. Get the Minnesota house on the market and assemble papers for short sale. ugh.
5. Sew spring skirts for my girlies!
6. Finish quilting pinwheels.
7. Purge papers.
8. Walk 3x/week.
9. Read two books.
10. Make throw pillows...more on this soon!

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Emily said...

You did a fantastic job in February, Liz! Can't wait to see your progress on March!