Monday, February 28, 2011

mean mommy

i realized recently that Lu's nummies are as much my crutch as hers.
her bite is messed up because of her nummies.
she doesn't use them except in bed, but it was enough that it was an ordeal every time it was misplaced.
and then she started napping at kristin's, sans nummy, and I knew she could do it.
it was time.

saturday night, i told her i couldn't find any of them and put her to bed. weeping and wailing ensued, but the worst part was Miss M couldn't handle it! she kept coming out and making it worse!
Sunday night, we threw away the nummies.
we said goodbye to each one, all the while Lu sobbing harder and harder! she demanded extra dolls and animals and blankets and songs in bed. she finally calmed down and she was so proud of herself this morning.

tonight, there were more tears, but much less screaming! she continues to refer to her nummies being in the trash so i know it helped her to see where they went!

apparently i haven't earned many points with Miss M either. today's tantrum was over which door she got into the car through and resulted in her telling me she wanted a new mom and that she hates me. :(

W asked me last night if we were doing okay as parents. hopefully?


Linz said...

The answer to your last question is YES! You are doing great. Those "mean" things are because you care so much.

Grace said...

Linz is right. You're doing great. You're a wonderful mommy!!

Barb said...

I taught in my "Parenting with Love and Logic" classes the best repsonse to I HATE YOU is to say, "Oh." It dead ends the conversation while letting the child know you heard them. See, we teach how to deal with it because it is SO NORMAL!

Alisha Harris said...

I hate the goodbye torment to the pacifier. I will never forget Mason's little face when it was "time". Good luck.

Emily said...

You and Will are fantastic parents - two of the best I know!