Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Morning!

Welcome to another snow day! That's three this week, folks!
Luckily, we had a change of scenery on Wednesday night, and went to stay at my Mom's for the weekend while they're out of town. So, cabin fever hasn't quite set in yet! We're house sitting and Sam-sitting (he's 18 after all, he just needs someone to tell him to do his homework and cook for him!)
The snow is beautiful, the sun is shining! It's going to be a great day!

I love staying at my Mom's because:

1) she has these stripy sheets for the guest bed that are wonderfully crisp while still being deliciously soft!

2) There is more than one TV! That means the girls can watch their annoying shows UPstairs!

3) She has the most wonderful sewing room, where there's room to cut fabric, iron and sew all within ten feet of each other, without all being crowded on the kitchen table like at my house!

4) She has a DVR and cable-I'm catching up on Law and Order: UK, Medium, Mentalist, etc.

5) we can make a fire on these cold nights!

6) She stocks her guest bathroom with hotel toiletries (I forgot my razor!)

7) Her house smells good!

8) The girls love her big bathtub!

9) Her never-ending supply of frozen chicken...chicken good!

10) She has different movies than we do, so the annoying kids movies are much less annoying! least for one more snow day! Here's to leaving the house on Saturday! :)

Happy Friday, all!

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