Saturday, February 5, 2011

taste the rainbow

I didn't want to make another princess cake. I thought it was time to branch out! Trying to depart from the land of princesses, I showed Miss M a rainbow cake and she loved it!
So, this morning at 7am, I was dying six layers of white cake to make a rainbow.

Lest anyone think W finally realized that he didn't need his own cake, the delicious german chocolate just for my hubby!
I love how it turned out!
And the layers were so pretty!!!
(we still had pink frosting, of course!)
I love how it turned out!
It took much more frosting than I expected! In fact, at the end, everyone had to stop me from adding more to smooth out the sides a bit!
It was TALL!
but darling!


Lindsay said...

It turned out awesome! You did a really great job!

Emily Larkin said...

You are such a good mom. I think I am getting a tooth ache just looking at it. Great Job!

Amy said...

Very very cute! and I'm sure it was very very yummy.

Linz said...

Fantastic! I am attempting rainbow cupcakes at an upcoming rainbow party we're having in March, but I doubt they will turn out as well as your cake! It looks perfect!

Grandma Jan said...

Beautiful cakes - Will's too. How fun. You have had a busy day.