Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Groundhogs!

I can't believe she's five!
Five years ago, I was snuggling the most tranquil, beautiful newborn I had ever seen!

Don't believe me?
See? She was a beautiful baby with dark hair.
I told you!
What an amazing, hair-raising, joyous, stressful, wonderful journey this girl has put us on!
After being the easiest baby EVER!!! a very spunky, opinionated PRINCESS emerged and it's been a wild ride ever since! One that I wouldn't trade and will not forget!
This girl loves:
*twirly skirts
*chicken nuggets and ketchup, cake, oranges, pizza, peanut butter, noodles with "karma-john" cheese
*being in charge
*talking, talking, talking!!
*making her bed
*taking care of her "babies"
*dressing up
*fuzzy blankets
*letting her hair down...literally!

I love you, my firstborn girl!

But let's not forget her birthday twin!
Did you know that W has looked the same his ENTIRE life???
See? I told you!
And to his parents, yes, he FINALLY got his UALR hat!
Happy birthday to my wonderful man! I'm so thankful to be on this crazy journey with you!

And not to leave him out! He loves:
-sub sandwiches
-COLLEGE football
-and hockey, and baseball and golf
-playing golf, football, baseball and hockey :)
-eating out
-Republicans :), and the poor guy's stuck with me! I keep telling him, we don't have to vote because we just cancel each other out!
-romantic comedy movies! I married a guy who would rather watch a chick flick than an action movie!
-John Grisham books
-the Beatles
-Cream... the band
-german chocolate cake
-Diet Coke with fresh squeezed lime

I am thankful for these crazies who make my life wonderful! Happy Birthday Miss M and my W!


Heather said...

The "karma-john" thing made me chuckle, too cute. Happy Birthday to your loves!

Barb said...

The kid and hubby are cute and all, but I LOVE those puppies! Will I want to hear about your dogs!

Grace said...

What great pictures! I loved seeing those! :)
I love both of them. They are truly wonderful.
Can Aunt Gracie have a copy of that school picture of the 5 year old?? :)

Liz said...

per W, these are the labs he grew up with. Sam is on W's right (picture left) and Einstein is on the left. They only had Sam for about two years and then they sold him because they didn't have room for two dogs when they moved to Minnesota. Einstein was part of the family for about fifteen years. Einstein is a legend in their family!

Grandma Jan said...

Nice tribute to a beautiful family. The blog is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable post with all of the pictures! I honestly can't believe she's 5!!! Wow. Love you all and miss you!