Monday, February 21, 2011

status updates


is grateful for a quiet night at my home with chinese takeout and vegging.
is still tired after a long weekend with three extra kids!
is in love with tagalongs!
has too many projects to work on this week!
feeling very stressed about her house.
feeling frustrated that her iphone camera isn't working right now.
is having a big delivery this week!
wishes someone would come clean up all the toys!


is at school :(
works so hard!
looks really cute in his glasses!

Miss M...

is rockin' her new haircut!
needs to stop getting up for drinks and hugs after bedtime!
is going through a growth spurt-lots of high water pants and lots of tripping over herself.


thinks Woody and Jessie are the best.
makes funny faces.
is in love with chocolate milk!


Grandma Jan said...

I have never seen W in his glasses.

Your cell phone may not have a working camera; mine landed in the washing machine (opps) in the wash cycle yesterday and is still drying out today. My phone is not feeling well at all.

We are having lots of snow here in MN. No school Monday but hope we can get around on Tuesday.

Grace said...

and lu is in love with J! ;)