Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goal Setting: February

January 2011 Goals Revisited

1. Keep monthly goals to keep better track, keep it realistic, and keep after myself! here we are! good start!
2. Throw out 111 things in 1/11! My cousin is doing it and I NEED to do it! Done! The bags are still in my entry, but it's getting there!
3. Read a new book. Done! Read Insatiable by Meg Cabot.
4. Re-cover glider. I put this on hold until our new arrivals come to ensure a good match-I got worried that the fabric ear marked for this project with clash-ironic since the new arrivals are supposed to be "neutral"! :)
5. Cook dinner 4 nights/week. yeah, i got sick. but then we got our credit card bill so this will be reinstated for this month because we need to be good! :)
6. Exercise 2x/week. (we're keepin' it real here, folks!) walking counts, right? i told my doctor yesterday that i'm walking, now i just need to walk longer or faster to get more cardio in!
7. Donate fabric I will never use. in the bags in the hall with the 111 other things! ready to go!
8. Smile more. i think i did? more on this later!
9. Fix my bedskirt. totally forgot about this!
10. Buy storage filing boxes for papers. done!

hmmm.... 4/10 with three partially done. Well hmmm. Here's to February!

1. Read from the Book of Mormon EVERYday.
2. Pray EVERY morning.
3. Actually take my donations to Savers/GoodWill.
4. Cook 3x/week but only eat out 1x/week. (leftovers and thank heavens for Tobler Sunday dinners!)
5. Make the darn stockings!
6. Assemble pinwheel quilt-depending on when the last pieces arrive!
7. Smile more!
8. Actually do something with the filing box! :) Step one: purge unnecessary papers. Shred City here we come! W, take a deep breath!
9. Fix my bedskirt and brainstorm what I want my bed to really look like while I do it!
10. Walk 3x/week at a good cardio pace.

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