Monday, January 31, 2011


Last week, Lu got to go to work with me.

She has been very insistent lately that her name is Lu.
I was teasing her, asking if her name was Susie, Mary, Mommy, etc.
She got more and more adamant that her name was Lu.
So I went back and asked if her name was Lucy Grace.
She said, "no! my name is Lucy Jason!"

I promptly texted the last two lines to her Uncle Jason who was delighted to hear that his status as favorite uncle was still secure.

So I took this picture and sent it to him of Lu saying hello to Jason.
And being the good uncle he is, Jason responded quickly with this picture and text saying hello!
I think Lu grinned for ten minutes, wouldn't let me change the phone or leave the picture and wouldn't respond to questions.

Yes, he's still her favorite. (but don't worry, she still loves Sam too!)


Grandma Jan said...


Grace said...

oh how cute!!! My man is adorable. :)

Barb said...

On an unrelated note...Did you say you knew a way to turn your blogs into scrapbook pages?? Somebody did, I just don't remember who!