Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stay on Target!

I want to make stockings.

Not in October when I will next think about it and feel too busy and have current Christmas projects that need finishing and panic and worry and get overwhelmed so it won't happen!!!!

Now, while January is boring and grey and needs some color. So I went to my favorite quilt shop, found out that their Moda Christmas line was no longer on sale, was taken pity on by the sweet ladies that work there, and got a few bits for the sale price anyway! Score!

I have loved this one for months!
And the holly berries and festive red snowflakes will all blend nicely with Christmas fabric I already have!

I want to make scrappy stockings for all of us, similar to these and these. W has his from childhood, and I made the girls stockings last year but it was late, I was tired, and I didn't cut them out with a seam allowance so they're too small to actually fit anything in them! oops!

So, I'm trying to stay focused, not dream of beautiful Spring colors and lovely things to make for my girls and instead, make Christmas stockings!

And maybe work on this quilt kit that I got for a major steal!


Emily said...

I was going to make stockings last year (b/c our pottery barn stockings that I paid and arm and a leg for when we had no children and two jobs were discontinued). And I didn't. So Thomas didn't have a stocking. So this year, I need to follow your lead. My plan was something like these:

Liz said...

Oh em those are cute! Would they match your PB ones?

Emily said...

Um, I'm sure I could pick fabrics to match...I was thinking of making new stockings for everyone. But you might be onto something here!

Grandma Jan said...

I'm ready for Spring projects too - but first there are a couple birthdays in February and Valentine's Day. I'm always way behind. But I love that there are always projects waiting to be done. Hobbies are great!

Grace said...

I really like the poinsettia fabric!!!!