Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Word on My Street: 2011

Do you remember the word on my street last year?
It was
While I didn't report on it much here, I think it was highly successful! My bed still needs some TLC, I have fallen off the "make your bed everyday" bandwagon yet again. However, I feel like I made some major headway in other areas:

-I made a real effort to reach out to people who I was "friends" with but didn't really "know". I feel like I have gained a wealth of new friends this year and grown some friendships that I'm pretty sure will be with me for a long time!

-I made an effort to really try and keep perspective. After my summer of single mommyhood, (which I moaned and groaned about during the process, I know!) I was reminded of a lot of important things.
-One, I love my husband!
-Two, I love my family and am so blessed to have them help me during this!
-Three, That family vacation we'd been pining for? We got to go to Atlanta, Branson, and Washington DC in one summer! I'd say we knocked that one out of the park! Not DisneyWorld, granted, but we'll get there!
-Four, I need to remember how to love myself and stand on my own two feet!

-We had a few more dates, family pizza/movie nights, and made our family a bigger priority.

At the beginning of the year, thinking of goals, and pondering what the word on my street is this year, I went to Stake Conference for church. I am so grateful for meetings that are answers to prayer. The first speaker spoke of the need to keep priorities clear and not overwhelmed by all the "stuff" in our lives. The next speaker spoke of three, simple easy things that we always need to be doing. It was simple, it was what we've been working toward, it was perfect.

And so, the word on my street for 2011 is:
We aren't at the phase where our life is crowded with sports and meetings...yet. But our life is definitely crowded with "stuff"! Literally and figuratively!

Here's the deal. I want my monthly goals to align with my yearly goal, to destuffocate our lives.
-I want to spend less time facebooking, more time playing with my kids
-I want to continue to weed through our literal "stuff" so that we can enjoy our space together better.
-I want to stay on top of things so that I can worry less and smile more.

And I will remember the three simple steps:
1) Pray twice a day, EVERYday. I am notorious for getting up, getting going, and forgetting to start my day with prayer.
2) Read the Book of Mormon, EVERYday. I go in and out of doing well with this.
3) Smile

So, here's to meeting my monthly goals, to continuing the LOVE, and starting to "destuffocate" our lives!!


Heather said...

Love this! Just don't stop blogging in conjuction with less Facebook cause I love all my fellow bloggers, especially those who are regulars at it like yourself! I have faith you'll succeed in your "desuffocate"-ing ways!

Amy said...

I really like the desuffocating word. Like the talk we heard in Stake Conference. I was reading a blog and her word was "decrapify" mostly talking about her house, basement and garage, but it could work with life as well.

Barb said...

My favorite way to begin my day is with prayer-in-my-bed. Before I even leave the covers I sit up in my bed and offer a prayer. It has worked for me for years, no having to go back and remember, just the first thing I do while I'm concious. Just a little hint that might help.

Liz said...

thanks barb! I am always up for a new trick to make these habits easier! It's just something that has never come naturally to me!