Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Club

I am finally in a book club!

It's kind of been a dream of mine. I love to read. I love to get new ideas of what to read. I love to talk with people who love to read and hear what they're reading.

When we moved down South, I tried to join the local group of Mormon women who had a book club but it was always the same night as W's classes and my church meetings. (Ironic, huh? But most of the women went to the other area congregation) Anyway.

It's been two years and several of us started up a book club.

I love that it's just a bunch of women. It isn't under the auspices of the church. That sounds horrible, but it makes it a bit easier to read books that may have some romance (gasp!) or intrigue (gasp again!). And it makes us feel less obligated to read books published by Deseret Book or written about church history.

The first month we made it easy and discussed the book most of us were already reading-the third installment of the Hunger Games, the Mockingjay.
While I am in the camp of Hunger Game lovers, I must say that the third book disappointed me a bit. It felt like she jumped from one action scene to the next just trying to squeeze it all in and tie up all the loose ends. I like neatly wrapped packages but I also like to imagine for myself what the future of the characters will be like. Either way still a page turner and one I would recommend.

The second month our group read The Help.

I really enjoyed this book but I already blogged about it during the summer when I read it visiting my hubby in DC. I highly recommend this book. Our discussion was VERY enlightening when I discovered there were people who think prejudice no longer exists!!! What???

Our third month, I chose the book.

I tossed and turned over my choice! I had no idead it would be so much pressure to recommend a book to people. I chose one of my favorites though-wanting a light, fun read for during the busy holiday months-and I think I nailed it! If you haven't read the Sugar Queen, do it! And then read all of the rest of Sarah Addison Allen's books!!

This month, the book is the Island. I actually had to read this month! I had read all the other books before-now I had almost 500 pages of work to do! Plus, I was the first one to request the SOLE copy in all of Central Arkansas and so I had to read like the wind so I could pass along the library copy!
What's funny to me is that apparently there are several "Island" books because when people hear that's what I was reading, they ask about the movie. Yeah, not that one. This is a book I am sure I would never have found on my own which is why I love book clubs!!

I would give this book 3.5/5 stars. I really liked it. There were a few predictable parts in the romance, but it was a fascinating story and definitely kept me wanting to know how all the pieces were going to fit together! Here are the things I loved.

First, it's set in Greece. I want to go to Greece now. I love Mama Mia (don't judge me!) and I kept placing it in the beautiful scenery and yes, humming the lovely Abba songs (even though it was definitely the wrong era!) Strangely, I also kept channeling the people and scenery of "A Walk in the Clouds". Remember that movie? With Keanu Reeves? Again, don't judge me!

Second, it's set in the WWII era. I love books about this era. I love the history, the way people lived, everything.

Third, it's about leprosy. Yes, that's right, leprosy. I learned a LOT about leprosy from this book. Did you know there are two kinds? A slower, life long kind and a faster-progressing kind that is what most of us think of? Did you know that there was a leper colony in Greece where lepers were sent to live during WWII with its own government, economy and life? Did you know when leprosy was cured?

It was a fascinating story.

I'll try to keep up from now on. Maria Mae is choosing our next book, so I have a few guesses as to what it will be!

Happy Reading!

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The Montaño’s said...

I just read my first Sarah Allen book Garden Spells and ordered Sugar Queen this morning! YEAH! I can't wait to read the Island... sounds so fascinating, thanks for the reccommends! I love book clubs and glad to hear you do to! :)