Tuesday, January 25, 2011


School starts for W this week.
I'm anxious about it.

Last semester was a bit rocky. I always felt like if he gave us enough attention, he was neglecting school and work. And if he attended to school enough, work and family suffered a bit.

It was a new job, he'd just gotten back after being gone all summer, and it was a lot all at once! At the end of the semester, everything came all at once and I couldn't wait for school to be over. We decided that he would only take one class this semester and, preferably, an online class.

Then I went to a meeting with our Bishop. W was home with a sick Miss M, and the Bishop counseled me that school was important. Darn him! But I went home determined that I would support the best decision for W's school.

So, here we are again. Two classes. Gone two nights each week. Today I was sick and he still isn't home. It's going to be another long semester.

But I have faith that it will be better. I have faith in W that he will be able to juggle his demands and responsibilities better. I have faith in myself that I can complain less and support him more. I have faith that we will be carried through this, knowing that this education is good for him, good for his career, and good for our family.


Jen said...

School is hard. BUT School is worth it. Every ounce of the hard. I send you good thoughts!

Emily said...

I recognize these feelings! Last fall was the first time that school nights weren't "Oh, free night for Emily, let's see which friend wants to go to dinner!". And B would come home and I'd be exhausted from a crying baby and I felt like I just dumped on him. I felt so guilty - he's going to school for the sake of our family, and working full-time. But it's still a switch to raise kids without the person you're used to helping you two days a week. So in short, it's hard on everyone - and I'm trying to be much better about not burdening B with my tough nights. 1 week in, I'm 50/50 :)

Katie said...

I know how you feel...Trent has been in school the whole 7 years we have been married! It really feels as though it will never end. I feel like a single mother most days! It will all be worth it in the end though...it's just hard keeping that perspective sometimes.

The Montaño’s said...

All I can say is good luck, keep a positive attitude like you are, and remember... LIFE is why we're here. ENJOY it why you are living it, even when it's not so enjoyable... those are usually the times you look back on fondly, oddly enough! :)