Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I honestly don't remember snow like this in Arkansas before! It was delightfully powdery and fluffy, perfect for snowballs but hard to make snowmen with!

We all stayed home, Dad worked from home on the phone all day, but we snagged him for an hour of outdoor fun. M dove right into the snow and never looked back! She was awesome-crawling, diving, digging, throwing, snow-angeling, very un-princesslike snow behavior! Lu was more hesitant. Could it be my Minnesotan girl and Arkansan girls' natures coming out???

The house was de-Christmassed, hot cocoa was drunk, movies were watched, naps were taken, and we finished it off with the BCS Bowl at Grandma's. It was a good day.

Stay warm!


Linz said...

HOW FUN!!! What great pictures! I like that effect that you add to some of them. Sounds like a very perfect day.

Grandma Jan said...

M is adorable in the snow. Glad she likes it. Cute photos of you all.