Friday, January 28, 2011

Pinwheels again!

I have 9 of the 12 squares now and I love all of them! I love the different colors they chose and the fabrics and I love how well it's working already!!

I have a white on white calico for sashing and two more squares on the way!

The bottom left one is the original one from my tutorial. It's too small, so I need to remake it for the final quilt (yes, there are too many, my sweet friend Amy made two-one will hopefully be incorporated into the backing)

So, should I remake my square in red (we THINK one of the remaining squares to arrive is pink and red, the other is navy and dusty blue) or should I change it up to complete the quilt?

What color is missing?
I have thought of doing mustardy yellows since the yellow one is actually quite light, and people have suggested brown and green. hmmm...


Barb said...

more green... I think

kristin said...

thanks for a really neat first month, liz. this was so much fun to do. i'm with you, either brown or green. how big are you going for?

Grace said...

I like the idea of more green, too. you have lots of yellow/orange/red, so I would do green.