Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Greetings from the Jungle!

Asante sana squashed banana
wee wee nuu nuu
mee mee apana!

First off, meet my Rafiki! Her name is Lu!
Lately, she has been running around chanting the same "nonsense" lines over and over!
It sounds something like:
"deenty diny, lotssa synty"

At first I thought it was the chorus to "I am a Child of God", but lately it's transformed into something like Rafiki's crazy chanting!

Next, we have our Zazu, I mean, Miss M!

Last Saturday, she and I went with my parents to my brother's All-Region Band concert (which was awesome, by the way!) The girl got in trouble for talking too much. Not during the concert, per say, but in the car. She drove us nuts!!!!

Her Dad comes home and asks if I have had her duct taped all day since she can't stop talking!

I'm not sure who that makes me and W. We probably trade off between Scar, Ed, and hopefully the wonderfully nurturing Sarabi! :)

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Grandma Jan said...

Miss M is definately a Holman girl. We Holman girls do not stop talking unless we are sleeping. It drives the men in the family nuts. This doesn't seem to be a Tobler trait. Lucky for the Toblers but could have something to do with the male/female ratio in the family. Will is currently outnumbered in his family of wife and two daughters. Don't have a solution but at least now you know the history! LOL