Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snippets from the iPhone

this is the insane, INSANE, puzzle that we did over Christmas! I finally finished it the night of the BCS bowl.

too many motorcycle wheels,
too many people in the stands,
but it's done!
our next photo belongs in the "Only in Arkansas" category!

But I love it! Do YOU have Razorback man holes?
Here's a treasure! Literally!
M brings home the craziest things from her PreK treasure box! Right before Christmas it was a small "Jesus" figurine. It now lives in the princess and fairy figure box.

And last week.
Well, last week, she brought home this treasure.
It even plays a theme song when you press his tummy!
Finally, on Monday, after cleaning the girls' room, I played with my hair. And I like it!
Have a lovely week!


Emily said...

Super cute curls!

Grace said...

I like the curly hair! and wow. scary things from school! :) We have kids stealing things. It's great fun. :)
I want a razorback manhole right in front of my house. that would rock.

Grandma Jan said...

The undertaker looks like a governor we used to have here in Minnesota.

What treasures will she find next?