Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my panic

I lost my sweet Lulu at Target today.
I felt like my heart had stopped but was pounding out of my chest at the same time.

I have lost them around corners before, but never for this long or this REAL.
I thought she was with Teriney, but she hadn't followed us from the toys to the clothes.
All of the worst scenarios, all of my worst fears, all came crashing down on me.

Thankfully, a Taret security guard happened to walk by just then. He took a quick description, locked down the store and suddenly, I had every employee and lots of fellow mommies looking for my blondie with pigtails and turquoise leggings!

Teriney went to look in the front of the store and then came back and told me I should look in toys where we had just been.

I ran to the toys and there was a group of moms surrounding my baby, calling to me that they had found her, and carefully watching over and protecting my lost little chick like the good mother hens they all were.

She was completely oblivious, playing on the sample Leapsters, and when I told her that she had scared me, she looked at me seriously and replied, I'm coloring, mommy!

I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who answers scared prayers of scared mommies quickly, for fellow moms who knew how I felt and helped rather than judged, and for the quick, efficient response of Target!


Lindsay said...

That really is a parents worst nightmare. What a blessing that she was found though. I could see Olivia doing the same thing. So glad it had that outcome for you & not something else.

Grace said...

My heart was pounding just reading this!
I wanted to cry, too, at the end when she said "I'm coloring, mommy!"
She is so sweet. I'm glad it turned out alright. :)

Tati said...

This is scary, but I'm glad it was quick finding her. It's nice to know there are so many nice mommies around to help! I lost Anna in the waiting room once at the dentist. She was actually hiding under the table and I had everyone searching for her down the halls, everywhere. I was so relieved to find her and she is never going to hide again ;)

Linz said...

What nice moms there! Is Arkansas a friendly place overall? So sorry for the scare and glad it all worked out.