Thursday, February 24, 2011

What would you do?

When do you speak up?

Do you watch the show, "What would you do?"? Admittedly, I do not. But I think about situations like the ones they pose. I wonder if I would stand up for the common man. I wonder if I would have the guts to stand up for a stranger.

Then, the devil on my other shoulder tells me to shut my mouth. It tells me to mind my own business, don't judge, etc.

Yesterday, a discussion on Facebook ensued about the worth of teachers. People I don't know called them "babysitters" and said that "anyone can get a license to teach". Now, I'm a speech therapist. But I do teach. I teach kids to talk. I also have a talented sister who is a teacher.

So I opened my big fat mouth and commented that I thought that their remarks were offensive and disrespectful.

Should I have opened my mouth? Maybe not. The conversation was deleted shortly thereafter and I felt a pang of guilt that I might have overstepped my bounds. But I felt strongly that I wanted my sister and teachers like our beloved Mrs. Strom and Mrs. Shaide to know that I respect, value, and am amazed at the hard work they do to enrich my child's life.


Emily Larkin said...

I have decided that commenting upon facebook during an opinion discussion is useless. That being said, thanks for sticking up for us teachers.

Liz said...

so true! especially when it can all be deleted and go away anyway!

Emily said...

Oh Facebook and its drama inducing ways. I think you're awesome for sticking up for teachers - even though it was unpopular. I've heard the teacher hate before and don't understand it - maybe we're all just jealous of their summers off? I can assure you that my sister works her hiney off from August - June. She deserves so much more than July to herself!

Allyson said...

I think the people that are so quick to judge teachers have never been in their position. They don't know what it takes to be a teacher but feel qualified in saying such things. I don't get it. It is like people who judge stay-at-home moms as being lazy because they don't "work". I think one day in either the teacher's or the SAHM's shoes and people would have a different opinion.

/end rant

Tati said...

I think teachers are incredible and need to be appreciated, too! I think it was great for standing up for them. Facebook can be frustrating sometimes.

Grace said...

Just so you know, it was deleted because it was a fight waiting to happen. She wasn't frustrated by you at all. She told me that she completely agrees with what you said. So don't worry.
Thanks for calling me a talented teacher!!! :)