Saturday, February 12, 2011

the things Miss M says!

Now that they're both talking like crazy, I figure I need to update my big girl's "funny things" list. So, here's the old list from the sidebar, for record keeping.

8/13/10 I love you! Be safe! Don't hurt anybody and don't stare at anybody!

Never mind, it's just not worth it, Mom!

There's a mermaid coming out of my bum!
Cause there's a lot of mermaids in my bum!

another immaculate conception!
M: i have a baby brother in my tummy!
Hazie: no you don't!
M: yes I do.
very pregnant aunt T: What's is name?
M: (thinking hard) Jesus!

She just learned her full name. I told her her name is M A H. She corrected me. "No Mommy. I'm PRINCESS M A H!"

watching Grace at the bridal shop, getting measured for her wedding dress
M: You just need to follow your heart, Gracie!

Princesses who change rubber clothes=Temping Princesses

You're driving me natchez!

You're bugging me nuts!

M: (holding out a jelly bean) here you go, mom
Me: I don't like the green ones. what flavor is it?
M: Peter shoes
hmmmm.... (I was brave and tried it, thinking that Starburst jelly beans wouldn't have a shoe flavor, even if they were Peter's shoes, and luckily it was just green apple!)

a crab is a tramp!
you need to learns this probbem.
chances chances a tramp is trampy!

M: what is that?
Me: (holding a piece of PB toast for M) it's special toast for someone very special. do you know who?
M: uh-huh! it's Barbie!
Me: (laughing) nope, it's for you!

(in the car on the way home from church)
M: i peed on my panties at church, it was all my fault.
me: sweetie, it wasn't your fault-good job going on the potty.
M: was it your fault, mommy?
me: it was an accident. it wasn't anyone's fault.
M: was it Marmae's fault? (her aunt, who's her church class teacher)

this one's from Jonas (my nephew)
Gma: Are you the prince?
Jonas: I a Princess! (very adamantly)

Jasmine's on mine bum!

puh-wuh-lease???? (we're learning /l/ blends :)

M: I'm sleeping beauty and LG is Jasmine and you're the fairy godmother.
Me: I want to be the queen.
M: The wicked queen? (gasps) Are you going to give me an apple and make me fall down and sleep?
Me: No, I'm going to be a nice queen like sleeping beauty's mommy.
M: And give me an apple and make me fall down and sleep?

Me: You're a goof!
M: No, I'm a princess!
Me: You're a goof, princess!
M: No, I'm a sleeping beauty goof princess!

(enter Daddy, just home from work)
M: My prince is home!

(M, opening up a story book to read to herself)
M: Once upon a dream there was a princess...

Me: Are your panties still dry?
M: Yes! Are your panties still dry, Mommy?

Me:M, can you please focus?
M: I can, but I don't!

(reaching out to touch my cheek) Oh, you are so bee-you-tee-ful!

Oh, honey, are you okay?

I think...of course!

Have a good princess day, Daddy!

When I grow up and am six, I'm going to get mairmaid.

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