Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My afternoon

After working this morning, I had a big agenda to get ready for the "HUGE snow storm" here in Arkansas! So I was thrilled to find my baby like this at Kristin's, well rested and hopefully up for errands instead of her usual afternoon nap!
First, we visited my friend Jennifer to chop Miss M's hair! And by chop, I mean 8+ inches!

Isn't it darling? Look at my BIG 5 year old!!!
Then we went to Wally World to stock up on the essentials for the snowstorm!
bread? check!
milk? check!
string cheese? check!
oreo brownies? check!


Spencer Family said...

M's hair is SO cute! Hope you guys make it through the snowstorm. Cheese is always on the top of our list too! :)

Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE M's hair! We hit Waly World also. Except I forgot the hot chocolate!

Emily said...

Love the hair!!!

ali said...

I love the hair, I am trying to get the guts to do it to Sam's hair!

Grace said...

Very cute haircut! Looks like me! :)
and Lu is adorable.

mardie said...

True, true. She looks like her pretty aunt Grace! So cute!

Linz said...


Grandma Jan said...

M is always so adorable. I love the smile and the new hairdo.