Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I said goodbye to my old friend on Monday. In the end, she died a massive, rusty death (but boy does she shine in pictures-made me second guess things! :)
But by now, the gas tank door is gone, the trunk is rusted shut, the back window doesn't roll down, the air conditioner is shot, the back wiper doesn't work, the battery dies all the time (it was a stressful drive all the way to Lonoke county worrying it would die at any moment with me and two sweaty babies in the car!), the key was stuck in the ignition, and it shook driving over 70 mph. gotta love it!

She really was a good car.

I bought her after my freshman year at USU. My Oldsmobile boat couldn't handle the terror that was Sardine Canyon in the winters. She was used but just barely and in great shape. She was the perfect first car for me. And she was mine. All mine!
It's amazing the memories that are tied to a car.

-she drove back and forth from Utah to Arkansas to Minnesota, more times than I can count!
-she made the infamous, packed-in-the-car-with-screaming-baby-Christian-and-Harry-Potter-playing-on-the-tape-deck-Thanksgiving trip! (me, Jake, Joe, MMae, Christian PACKED into this car, baggage was regulated due to space and Christian screamed the whole last four hours of bumper to bumper traffic!)
-she took me and two girlfriends to SoCal for the best Spring Break ever!!
-the back seatbelt was officially ruined after the massive teriyaki spill transporting food for the Asian cookout the year that I was the Asian American Student Council president
-she ended my streak of car wrecks-I had major issues with where the Oldsmobile started and ended and how close she could get to other cars!

Cleaning her out, I found the best tape collection ever!
-Roxanne's Joyride, Ace of Base, Wishing on a Star, Sister Janet's Stay With Me, Mix #3 (a collection of the third song of a bunch of Joe's albums), Tiff's saucy mix that was supposed to inspire a flirtier me, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, as well as my obsession with Tori Amos

So, she is off to auction at W's work so we don't have to pay insurance on her anymore and we don't have to have her sitting in the parking lot anymore. It really was cruel to make someone drive her in the beastly Arkansas summers anyway!


Heather said...

This is so funny to read because we owned my college car just up until 2010. It was a bitter sweet day we left it at the dealer to drive the new car home. My little Honda Civic had many many problems but a HUGE history that started long before Danny and I met. But like your car, sooner or later they just can't hang on and you have to let them go. PS: The word verification on this for me to input is "nicar". Your car is leaving it's spirit within this post LOL!!

Grace said...

Ooh, and when I would always always ALWAYS ask for enya, and we burnt out the ac once when you were moving, and when I pushed the gear into neutral and you thought we were down and out, and when I got to first hold a steering wheel-scariest thing ever! :) I have memories in that car too!