Monday, March 14, 2011

speaking Southern

I love that in the south...

you can be fixin' to do something

no one is ashamed of their dedication to spirituality...i mention on facebook that our house needs to sell quick and girlfriends of all religions are "sending up prayers"

when I leave one of my daycares where I do speech therapy, they always wish me to "have a blessed day"-what a lovely sentiment!

it's a compliment when I smile at my little pigpen and tell her she's a "mess" and random old ladies will come up to me and tell me she looks like an angel

i obviously have my "hands full" with two girls

no-sock season starts in March-woo hoo!

Daffodils bloom in February

I love hearing "hey girl"


Lindsay said...

This post really made me laugh! I totally understand what you're talking about. Isn't the south great?! Thanks for the laugh!

mimisuu said...

I've learned that there is no better place than the south! Glad you transplanted here.

Grace said...

I love the south.

mardie said...

Me too, me too! Although, I still feel very fake when I say "ya'll". sigh...