Monday, March 21, 2011


If you're sick of my living situation woes, scroll on. I gotta vent!

I came home this afternoon to a big GREEN sticker-that does not come off very easily, mind you-on our second car. It has been deemed "illegally parked" because it is "not in acceptable condition" because it "hasn't moved in several months." Now, in all honesty, the Suzuki truly hasn't moved in months. However, what do they care? Its registration is current, it's not an eyesore, and there are no assigned parking places here=it's not taking up anyone's space.

Here's the crux of the matter. Our neighbors who hate us? He works for the complex as a maintenance guy. I have avoided officially complaining solely because he has always been so nice to fix our closet doors and dishwasher in the past. His wife has always not liked us though! But honestly, it all feels way too complicated and fishy with all of these problems all of a sudden when he's part of the company. ugh.

So, for anyone keeping track:

1) The neighbor walked into my apartment, all the way into my bedroom to tell me to control my toddler at 10:30 in the morning two weeks ago!

2) Two weeks ago, we got a noise violation in our door THE DAY AFTER THE NEIGHBOR WALKED INTO MY BEDROOM! It said we were noisy after hours. You know us, send the kids to bed at 7 and party it up, baby!

3) We got charged a plumbing bill last week because our neighbor's sink clogged. NOT our sink, theirs!

4) Completely fed up already, I finally officially complained when last Friday night, booming bass music continued past 11:30 at night, waking up Miss M (quiet hours start at 10pm). I am pretty sure that's when they declared full out war on us!

5) Our car has now been deemed not good enough for the parking lot.

I am feeling absolutely harassed at this point!!!!

Luckily, the car will be jumped back to life this afternoon and shipped off to auction at W's work. that's an easy solution. Finding an apartment in Miss M's school zone is the tougher job!!


Heather said...

I think anyone who has rented feels your pain in one degree or another. I know it's super hard to stay pleasant and keep peace with all that is going on but until you find a new place, what choice do you have?

Is there a building manager that you could voice your complaints to, that maybe you feel targeted for some reason?

If it's any consolation I think you'd be dream neighbors if I lived underneath you. I know your kids go down early and are gone all day. You are clean, keep good company, don't smoke etc.. Very respectable people:)

I wish I had the perfect answer but sadly I don't. These things always seem so dragged out and long situations to live through but it'll all wrap up sooner than you think and you'll be on to your new home with sane neighbors before you know it;)

Grace said...

I really want to give them a piece of my mind. Ridiculous! I'm so sorry you have to deal with them so much! Keep fighting back to the right people!!

Liz said...
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Liz said...

thank you guys! i know it's not forever, it just feels like it today! :)

Alisha Harris said...

Good luck Liz. That sounds very frustrating. I hope your house sells soon and you can move on.