Saturday, March 5, 2011

just what i needed

So, last Friday, I was finally getting going at around 10. W took Miss M to school and apparently he forgot to lock the door which I always assume he does. No longer!

I sat Lu down with a movie and showered. Lu likes to give play-by-plays. She goes back and forth and tells me bits about what she's doing, asks me questions, etc. So, around 10:30, I'm drying my hair in my underwear and I hear, Hello! I turn around and in my filthy cluttered bedroom is the neighbor from down stairs' teenage daughter standing IN MY BEDROOM!!!! I screamed and ducked behind my bathroom door but luckily didn't feel in much danger because she was in a bathrobe as well.

I looked for Lu though and demanded to know who she was. She insisted that someone had said come in. I said, you mean, my TWO YEAR OLD????? She said she was from downstairs and that her mom had sent her up there to tell me she'd just gotten home from the hospital, had a migraine and would I please CONTROL MY CHILD? At 10:30 in the morning, when she was just running back and forth between the living room and bedroom. All 35 lbs. of her that of course makes quite a ruckus, you know!

I wish I had been fully dressed so badly! I think I would have had the wherewithal then to PUT her in her place about inviting herself in, the total illegality and inappropriateness of coming all the way into my bedroom and the fact that they shouldn't be in a downstairs apartment if they can't handle a two year old running out in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!

We came home today to a note in the door saying that we were in violation of our lease which states that quiet hours are 10pm to 6am. yeah, when we're asleep!!!!! The people downstairs have been known to have screaming matches when their teenagers get home in the middle of the night, loud booming bass after 10pm and have WE EVER COMPLAINED?

You better believe I did tonight! Unfortunately the dad is one of the maintenance guys and very very nice so she said she'd talk to him and I think they know his wife is a problem but STILL! We need more space so this is just ammo to get the heck out of here!


Emily said...

I cannot believe this. I'm just sitting here with my mouth wide open. Is the plan to get more space once the house is sold? Wishing you a speedy exit from this terrible place - and in the meantime, can't you tell the apartment complex that there's no way you're being loud during those hours and that your neighbors are causing you a bad living experience?

Linz said...

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are in my prayers, Liz.