Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are blessed with little vacations every now and then. my Dad needed to use some marriott points, so he took us all to Branson!

They have a lovely resort there, where the kids had a blast, they have a wonderful pool and other fun things for the kids!
Mom and Dad offered to take us to a show, and with raving recommendations, we went to....
yes, yes, we did!
and it was AWESOME!!!!!!
We sat around an arena, we cheered for the South, and booed the North!
yes, yes, we did!
we were served this yummy yummy dinner, to eat with our hands! :)
we watched a show of the history of the wild west, followed by a skirmish between the north and south, complete with pig races, horse races, barrel races, carriage races, and dancing and singing to boot!
It was a blast and we highly recommend it!


Grandma Jan said...

This looks like lots of fun. But where are your roots - cheering for the South??? I'm sure it was all in good sport and a fun time.

hilary said...

i just read quite a few of your posts and i'm leaving one giant, comment on lots of things. :)

your trip to branson looked fun!! i want to go to branson while we live here.
the pictures of little miss m on her first day of kindergarten are so stinking cute, i love them!
i was reading about your job situation and everything and i hope that your schedule has gotten better!! i had no idea!
thank you for the rs lesson shout out! it made my day! i never seemed to quite get the hang of teaching in rs, so that meant a lot reading that. a big thanks to YOU for helping out with sophie these past few weeks! we got permission to take her to nursery now, so we'll see how it goes. :)

it's fun to read your blog. it motivates me to update mine...

Heather said...

I've heard this show is quite entertaining, did they serve any kid friendly dishes or was it pretty much what hey served is what you get?

Grace said...

How fun!! I love that you cheered on the south. rocks my socks. :)
"you didn't say this would be fun" is what I heard miss M said when it was over. :) So cool!!