Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss M goes to Kindergarten!!!!

This weekend she wrote a note to her new teacher. As we were leaving for meet-the-teacher night last week, she said, "but mom, what if they show me lower case letters and I don't know whether it's a b or a d!" I told her if that was her biggest worry, kindergarten would be a breeze! :)
We loaded her up with a good breakfast first thing this morning! She didn't want to get out of bed, but I felt like Nemo this morning, jumping around so excited for her! I'm thankful for PreK last year to get my sadness and tears out of the way-this year, I'm just excited for her!
My talented friend, Emily, embroidered her name on her backpack and lunchbox to make her not-new-backpack, special again!
do you think she might just be a {{little}} excited?? :)
she had so much fun choosing some new school duds. she even let me do her hair!

she sat right down, pleased as punch to be there, and said, you can go now, mom, see you after school!
Lulu was more upset than I was! :) ...until we got to the door and she realized she can sit in sister's booster seat while she's at school ;)
I'm so proud of my big girl!! She has two of her best girlfriends in her class, hopefully a good thing! :) I pray that she has as wonderful a teacher as last year and that she is happy and loves school!


Grandma Jan said...

You are the best blogger! Thanks for sharing Megan's first day of K with her Grandma Jan in Minnesota.
Give her (and Lu) a hug from me.

Emily said...

What a big girl! She looks so happy and excited, Liz! Hard to believe that you have a kindergartner!!!

Grace said...

So adorable!!!
She's definitely gonna do great if she's only worried about b's and d's. But it sure is a hard thing! :)
Lu looks so grown up right next to her!! my goodness!!

Claudia said...

She looks so cute all ready at her desk. I think she is going to be the smartest in her class with her awesome writing skills! Such a fun time! Lucy is so big and gorgeous too :) Madi is going into 1st grade and I'm still all antsy about it :)

Lindsay said...

What a big girl! She is going to do a great job in kindergarten. And I give you props for holding it together, I sure didn't. :)

She looks adorable, by the way!